When your wifi is frazzled – call Willy

After a longer than normal absence from Malgrate due to family commitments abroad, we arrived back to frazzled wifi, dubious electrical connections and the normal mould problems that a 400+-year-old house experiences when pelted with over a metre of rain for two months in the winter.

Guiseppe, our trusted electrician who did the original wiring in the house, assured us that the electrical problems were down to damp and would quickly disappear – which they did. But more serious, was the lack of wifi. Without it, Mr Ciao cannot work and I’m left wondering what on earth is happening in the world.

wifi-communications lunigiana

The day after we arrived, a splendid chap from our provider, WiFi Communicationin Aulla (aka Willy) arrived to investigate; the first time we have had to call them out in five years. Routers were tested and wifi dishes retrieved from a wet roof and taken apart. The verdict was a lightning strike. Miraculously, in little over an hour, we were back up and running again. Excellent service from Willy, and our broadband at about 6MBPS seems faster than ever.

We highly recommend WiFi Communication. Their prices are competitive, and even visitors to the area can benefit from their services. All you need do is buy a prepaid card at a shop displaying their logo, and follow the instructions to connect your computer to the network.

When your wifi is frazzled – call Willy appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 8 April 2014.

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