Punta Corvo beach closed

Punta Corvo beach, a popular coastal destination from Lunigiana,  is once again closed and may remain so for the 2011 season. On the night of Friday, 18 February, a landslide resulted in several enormous boulders rolling onto the beach. The safety of the cliffs surrounding the beach is now in question and the area has been closed by the Ameglia comune until such time as it can be made safe.

Punta Corvo LiguriaThe closure will be a great disappointment to the many, often cultish, lovers of Punta Corvo. The beach is known as one of Liguria’s most pristine sandy beaches, one of the best ten beaches in the whole of Italy, and has been awarded the Bandiera Blu – the environmental blue flag. It is a few hundred metres long with sparkling clear water. When it is wet, the dark sand can be reminiscent of the colour of crows, after which it is named.  The beach offers exceptional views across to Portovenere and the coast of Versilia.

Punta Corvo can only be reached by a small ferry that leaves from Bocca di Magra and Fiumaretta in the spring and summer, or walking from Montemarcello, which takes about an hour down a very steep path with 700 steps.

Last year, the path was closed for a while after heavy rains washed parts of it away. When it reopened, the town started charging a fee for its use, which proved controversial. Several people were also fined for using the path when it was officially closed.

Thanks to news hound Mike Mazzaschi, author of A Path to Lunch, for the information.

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