Ex-Israeli Prime Minister’s wife exhibits in Lunigiana

Walls by Aliza OlmertKnown as the least conventional political wife, Aliza Olmert, recently held an exhibition at Germana Cavalli‘s gallery in Filetto. Wife of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmed, who came to power following Ariel Sharon’s stroke and who held office from 2006 until 2009, Aliza Olmert’s exhibition “Walls” is a look at society through digitally manipulated graffiti and street art.

An accomplished artist, photographer, writer and social worker, leftwing Aliza Olmert has always had her own life, causes and career. She is known to have been openly critical of her husband’s rightwing policies prior to him becoming Prime Minister. In 2006, she was referred to as “the unlikely First Lady”.

So why does an ex-First Lady choose Lunigiana for an exhibition? It appears that her great friend, Manuela Divri, a Jewish Italian writer living in Israel, who has an apartment in Virgoletta, organised the exhibition. Aliza Olmert is known to have visited Virgoletta when she was First Lady, much to the bemusement of the residents, who found their small piazza and single street heaving with Israeli secret servicemen for the duration.

The illustration used in this post is from the Walls Exhibition by Aliza Olmert.

Ex-Israeli Prime Minister’s Wife Exhibits in Lunigiana© first appeared on CiaoLunigiana.com on 1 November 2010.


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