Enhance your holiday in Lunigiana by taking an Italian lesson

There is nothing like knowing a little bit of the local language to enhance your visit to Lunigiana, whether it is being able to read a menu in a restaurant, understanding the street signs, being able to order at the deli counter or just gaining a better understanding of the local culture.

learn italian in lunigianaIlaria Riccio from Pontremoli is a highly qualified teacher of Italian. For many years, she studied and worked in England and Norway.  Ilaria is happy to give holiday lessons, or if you resident in Lunigiana, she can work out a longer-term programme to suit your needs. Obviously, she is happy to run group classes or provide one-on-one instruction. Grammar or conversation, Ilaria is extremely flexible. Adults and children and all levels of ability are welcome.

Ilaria is fluent in English and Norwegian, and is qualified to teach Italian to both Italians and foreigners, as well as English and Norwegian as foreign languages. She has studied at the University of Pisa, University of Genoa, Morley College London, University College London and Olso University.

Ilaria can visit you in your home or you can visit her. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and costs.

Ilaria Riccio
Tel: 3271994573

For Italian teachers in the Aulla and Bagnone areas, click here.

Enhance your holiday in Lunigiana by taking an Italian lesson appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 3 August 2013.

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