Renowned tenor, Peter Dvorský, in concert at Filetto

Peter DvorskyThe Slovak tenor, Peter Dvorský, is the star performer at this year’s 2° Edizione del Premio “Città di Villafranca”, intitolato a Giuseppe Di Stefano. The opera event takes place on 24 July in the magical Piazza del Pozzo in Filetto.

In 1976, Dvorský debuted at the Vienna State Opera, at the New York Metropolitan Opera in 1977, and one year later at La Scala, Milan. Dvorský was highly esteemed by Luciano Pavarotti, who referred to him several times as “my legitimate successor”.

The concert will be preceeded by a short film on the life of Giuseppe Di Stefano, in whose honour the concert series is named, together with some of his performances. Giuseppe Di Stefano performed in Filetto in the 1980s, when the opera in the piazza at Filetto was a regular event. In 1986, he performed together with Josè Carreras, last year’s star performer.

The film will be followed by performances by the soprano Lenka Macikova, and the tenor Antonio Poli, accompanied by Vicenzo Scalera and conducted by Daniele Rubboli.  The highlight of the evening is, of course,  Peter Dvorský. The full programme can be found on the Villafranca comune website.

Opera in Filetto Lunigiana

Giuseppe di Stefano (1921-2008), known as “the golden voice” and after whom the event is named, was a flamboyant, sometimes erratic opera star and the most thrilling Italian tenor of his generation.  He was in his prime just after World War II and continued to perform until the early 1990s. He appeared many times with Maria Callas and sang the tenor leads in several of her most famous recordings. He also had a romantic liaison with her.  Luciano Pavarotti said he modelled himself after Di Stefano. The  Premio “Città di Villafranca”, intitolato a Giuseppe Di Stefano, is held on 24 July, the date of De Stefano’s birth. It is his picture that appears on the poster.

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Renowned tenor, Peter Dvorský, in concert at Filetto appeared on Ciao Lunigaina on 10 July 2013. All rights reserved.

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