Farfalle in Cammino: A walk to lunch – discover Tavernelle, Apella and Tapponecco.

farfalle in cammino lunigianaFarfalle in Cammino, the responsible tourism organisation, is offering a guided walk with lunch on Saturday, 17 November 2012 in the High Lunigiana. The path to lunch is through a part of the valley that descends from Lagastrello Pass down to Licciana Nardi and starts in the village of Tavernelle with lunch in Apella.

Tavernelle has an old medieval street known as the ‘Salt Road’, which can be explored before taking the old paved path to Apella, the gateway to the national park. The route is high up in the Appennines and affords stunning views across the Lunigiana countryside. The small, restored village of Apella houses a visitors centre for the Parco Nazionale Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, as well as a small museum in the birthplace of Anacarsi Nardi, a hero of the Risorgimento (Italian unification), who was shot in Calabria in 1844.

View from Montagne Verde Apella Lunigiana

Lunch is at the restaurant of Montagne Verde, famous for its fabulous food, and which is participating in this year’s Menu a Zero KM competition. What could be better than a walk to get up one’s appetite, an unforgetable lunch, and then the chance to walk it off afterwards. The excursion returns to Tavernelle via the village of Tapponecco.

Info and logistics:

  • Families with children over eight years of age welcome
  • Meet in the parking area at Tavernelle at 09:30. The walk will end at approximately 17:00
  • Distance of walk: 4 km there and back with a difference in altitude of 250m
  • Proper walking shoes required plus a waterproof jacket and water bottle.
  • The cost is €25, which includes the services of a guide and lunch.
  • Reservations are required by Thursday, 15 November at 21:00.
For more information and reservations, contact:

Franco Ressa 340 9117429 – francoressa@gmail.com or Alessia Curadini 328 2515230 – alessiacuradini@hotmail.it      

Farfalle in cammino
Associazione di Turismo Responsabile
Vicolo degli Armani – 54027 Pontremoli (MS)
Telefono: 389 – 7859252 
Photo courtesy of Alex Scarcella
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