Wakeboarding in Lunigiana – the Panda Wake Park

Now in its second season, the Panda Wake Park at Lago Alice near Filattiera is ready for the summer. Definitely for the young and fit, wakeboarding is a fairly new phenomenon and is a cross between surfing (you ride a wakeboard, which is similar to a small surfboard), water skiing (in that you get towed along), and snowboarding (you can perform similar tricks).  At the Panda Wake Park, the rider is pulled across the water by a system of cables, rather than by a boat. Experienced surfers find it quite easy, while waterskiers may find the pace a bit slow.

panda wake park - wakeboarding in lunigianaIf you’re interested in having a go at wakeboarding at the Panda Wake Park, you will need to sign up to FIPSAS & FISW, the organisations that govern this activity.  It costs €40 a year for both and includes a free ten minutes wakeboarding for new members. Davide, also known as Mazzu, or Hadler will tell you how to register. See contact details below. Once you’re a signed up member, it will cost €10 for ten minutes of wakeboarding.  Ten minutes is a good run for a beginner, with the experienced wakeboarder stretching to twenty minutes.

panda wake park wakeboarding lunigiana

For the most current information on the Panda Wake Park, including operating hours, pop over to their Facebook page.


 Photo credits: Panda Wake Park


Location: Lago Alice, off the SS62 about half way between Villafranca and Filattiera
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PWP2.0
Telephone: Davide 3803168673 or Hadler 3473662259
Email: mazzugr@hotmail.it
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