Shoefiti hits Marina di Carrara

Marina di Carrara has been hit by an outbreak of shoefiti, the art of throwing shoes with their laces tied together over power or telephone lines, leaving the shoes hanging over the wires. The idea is to place a common object in an unusual setting.  No one really knows what caused the outbreak of flying shoes in Marina di Carrara, although it is rumoured that it was done to augment the Christmas decorations that are rather sparse this year due to the crisi.

If, like me, shoefiti is a term new to you, then you may be interested to know that the practice was started by youngsters in the United States. It is said to mark anything from a celebration, a rite of passage, a protest, a memorial to just being a bit of fun.

The  flying shoes in Marina di Carrara were probably just a bit of fun! I like that. They can be seen in Via Venezia near the bar, La Tazza d’Oro.

Click here are some photos of shoefiti from around the world.

shoefiti in marina di carrara

Photo courtesy of matxuta on flickr
Shoefiti hits Marina di Carrara appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 20 December 2013.



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