Pisco di Pracchiola

Pisco di Pracchiola, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lunigiana, is high up on the Magra near the village of Pracchiola, a village in the Valdantena region of Pontremoli.  It is quite easy to find and makes an excellent excursion, particularly if you also stop to visit the iconic bridge, dating back to 1574, on the Via Francigena at Groppodalosio.

Pisco di Pracchiola lunigiana

To reach Pracchiola, from Pontremoli head north on the Cisa, then take the SP42 and follow the signs to Passo del Cirone. The road winds through chestnut woods and passes the villages of Molinello, Casalina and Groppodalosio. Once, this area was filled with small holdings and farms. Today, most of the terraces lie abandoned and overgrown.

Pracchiola lies on the route of the ancient Via Lombarda that connected Tuscany to the Po Valley.  In more prosperous times, it was here that travellers and pilgrims sought shelter in the Ospedaletto, built in the 13th century.

There is a sign at Pracchiola that tells you how to find the 30-metre high waterfall or you can follow these instructions.  Most of the walk is pretty easy, although occasionally there are a few rocks to climb over. It takes about 40 minutes, wandering along the path through chestnut woods, sometimes with open views and alongside the river. At the end, you are rewarded with beautiful views of the waterfall in a natural amphitheatre.

Piscio di Pracchiola Lunigiana_2

Photo courtesy of Lunigiana Insolita

The waterfall is at an altitude of around 700 metres, and a great spot to visit on a hot summer’s day.  It is is also quite spectacular after the heavy rains of winter, although more difficult to approach because of the spray.

Pisco di Pracchiola Lunigaina

View or download the Pontremoli Comune brochure Aqua e Pietra, in Italian, that includes information on Pisco di Pracchiola and the bridge at Groppodalosio.

 Pisco di Pracchiola appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 20 July 2014.



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