Open Gardens & Wine Cellars at Lunigiana’s historic houses

For the second year in a row, on Sunday, 24 May 2015, historic homes in Lunigiana will open their private gardens to the public as part of the annual initiative, Cortile e giardini aperti, run by the Italian Historic Houses Association, ADSI. This year, some of the homes will also be opening up their wine cellars for tastings. In Lunigiana, there are six gardens to visit and four wine cellars.

Entry is free of charge to the gardens. There is fee for wine tastings.  The houses will be open from 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00.

historic gardens in lunigiana

Photo courtesy of Farfalle in Cammino


The following gardens will be open for viewing:

In the comune of Bagnone:

  • The gardens of Bagnone Castle
  • The gardens of Villa Quartieri  – via Niccolò Quartieri 15, Bagnone

In the comune of Mulazzo

  • The park at Villa Pavesi Ruschi – via del Mulino, Piano di Busatica, Mulazzo

In the comune of Pontremoli

  • The gardens of the Palazzo Negri Dosi, via Mazzini 60, Pontremoli
  • The gardens of Villa Dosi Delfini, via Chiosi, 3 Località Chiosi, Pontremoli
  • The gardens of Villa Pavesi Negri-Baldine, località Scorano, Pontremoli

Open gardens and wine cellars in Lunigiana 2015

Wine Cellars

The wine cellars open in historic homes are:

In the comune of Pontremoli:

  • Palazzo Ruschi-Pavesi e Cortina di Cacciaguerra, piazza della Repubblica 1, Pontremoli. There will be a display of vintage wine bottles and tastings of Ruschi Noceti.
  • Belmesseri, via Case Sparse, Località Vignola di Pontremoli. It will also be possible to visit the 15th century olive oil and flour mill.

In the comune of Licciana Nardi

  • Castel del Piano, via Piano 10, Licciana Nardi. Wine tasting at the small Malaspina castel.

In the comune of Fosdinovo

  • Podere Lavandaro, via Castiglione, Fosdinovo. Wine tasting in the cellars that run under the city’s castle.

Over 80 historic homes in Tuscany are opening their doors to the public over the weekend of 23 and 24 May 2015. If you wish to visit any of them in other parts of the region, visit the Giornate Nazionali ADSI website for details.

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