The Narcissus of the Prati di Logarghena

The Prati di Logarghena lie 1,000 metres above sea level on the slopes of Mount Braiola affording a stunning 360 degree panorama across Lunigiana to the Magra Valley, the Appenines and in the distance the Apuanes and Liguria. In spring, the meadows are carpeted in small white narcissus, which are celebrated in May at the Festa della Giunchigli.  But far better to explore on a quiet week day, when only the birds are likely to disturb the peaceful meadows, once the home to grazing cattle and sheep but today largely deserted.

prati di logarghena lunigiana

The Narcissus Poeticus is an ancient variety of daffodil and one of the first to be cultivated. It is quite distinctive with its white petals and a centre of light yellow, edged in red. It is often associated with the Greek legend of Narcissus. At the Prati di Logarghena it is protected and should not be picked. While all narcissus are poisonous when eaten, this variety is particularly toxic.

narcissi logarghena lunigiana

You may notice the small chapel at the top of the ridge between the Filattiera and Pontremoli sides of the meadows. Outside is a marble monument reminiscent of a small tree trunk. It is in honour of four young boys, who were killed in August 1927. Unexploded munitions, the result of military exercises by the Italian Army’s 7th Field Artillery Regiment during World War One, were discovered in the meadows by the boys with tragic consequences. The monument was restored in 2002.

logarghena memorial

To reach the Prati di Logarghena follow the signs from Filattiera or Ponticello to Caprio and Serravalle. Prati di Logarghena is well sign posted. Past Serravalle, the road is typically narrow with eroded edges and fearful drops in places – another reason to visit on a quiet day.  We parked our Cinque Cento at the end of the tarred road and wandered up the dirt track to the top of the ridge, which took about 40 minutes with stops on the way. However, a car with better clearance should easily be able to drive to the top.

daffodils logarghena lunigiana

 The Narcissus of the Prati di Logarghena appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 3 May 2013. All rights reserved.

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