Mille Miglia returns to Pisa & Lucca after 64 years

In 2014, the Mille Miglia – once a death-defying race, now the world’s flashiest classic car meeting – will pass through Pisa and Lucca on Saturday, 17 May, for the first time since 1950. Since its inception in 1927, the rally has followed this route only five times.

The Mille Miglia takes place from 15-18 May, leaving from Brescia and arriving in Padova on the first day. It then heads for Rome passing through San Marino and L’Aquila. From Rome, the rally sets off for Bologna passing through Tuscany (including Pisa and Lucca), finally arriving back in Brescia on the last day.

miglia mille 2014

An estimated 435 vintage cars, produced by 61 manufacturers, and from 35 countries, will drive through the historic centre of Pisa on a route designed to take in the best of Pisa’s architecture, including the Piazza dei Miracolo and the Leaning Tower.  Crowds of between 20,000 and 30,000 people are expected.

From Pisa the rally heads to Lucca, where it will circle the historic walls of the city before stopping in Piazza Napoleone. It will continue through the city before departing for the small town of Montecarlo en route to Bologna.

mille miglia

Route through Pisa

Estimated arrival time: from 13:00

From the SS206, via Emilia, via Gronchi, via San Pio da Pietralcina, via Cisanello, via Matteucci, via Giacomo Matteotti, ponte della Vittoria, lungarno Leonardo Fibonacci, lungarno Galileo Galilei, lungarno Gambacorti, ponte Solferino, piazza Solferino, via Enrico Fermi, via Rustichello da Pisa, via Bonanno Pisano, piazza Daniele Manin, piazza del Duomo, piazza Arcivescovado, via Cardinale Pietro Maffi, largo del Parlasco, via Luigi Bianchi, via del Brennero, largo San Zeno, SS12.

Route through Lucca

Estimated arrival time: from 14:30

The cars will arrive at the city walls at the San Pietro entrance,  ascend at San Colombana,  and then circle the walls, after which they will head for Piazza Napoleone for a stop.  They will then leave – one car every 20 seconds – heading for Piazza San Michele, via S. Giorgio, Piazza Anfiteatro, and via Filungo, departing for Montecarlo.

British Pathé News has some short, black and white clips (some without sound) of the Mille Miglia dating back to 1935, which you may enjoy. To view them, click here.

mille miglia 1935

 Mille Miglia returns to Pisa and Lucca after 64 years appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 8 May 2014.


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