A perfect walk – Malgrate-Mocrone-Orturano-Bagnone-Malgrate

UPDATE – November 2011:  Following the heavy rains at the end of October, there have been a couple of landslides on the path, and the the section mentioned below in the September update is now a mud bath.  I would suggest that, in the winter, this walk is only for the very determined!

UPDATE – September 2011:  The old path between Malgrate and Mocrone is currently being upgraded, which affects the downloadable instructions at about eight minutes into the walk. The picture below shows the stream that you cross. At around fifteen minutes, the tunnel of trees has been cut right back so is not recognisable at the moment. You should still be able to make your way through this section, although during working hours you may have to avoid diggers, trucks, etc. We will correct the instructions as soon as the work has been completed.

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Walking from Malgrate to Mocrone, around the top of the valley to Orturano, down to Bagnone and back to Malgrate is one of our favourite walks. The walking part takes under two hours, and you could stop off at the highly-recommended Gavarini restaurant in Mocrone for lunch, or in Bagnone for a coffee, apperitivo or something to eat. The walk works just as well in reverse, or can be split into two walks.  It will suit anyone of average fitness, although there is at least one steep bit.

Malgrate-Mocrone-Orturano-Bagnone-Malgrate walkThe excursion starts from the car park at Malgrate Castle (but do pop into the village to look at the castle), takes you around the outside of the village and down the old path connecting Malgrate and Mocrone. From Mocrone you head up into the woods until you reach the ‘top’ of the valley. The path leads you around the valley with views of Malgrate, Orturano and the Apuan Alps in the distance. Orturano has some pretty alleys to explore and its church has views back towards Mocrone.

If you are short of time or energy, at this point you can return to Malgrate from Orturano. Follow the road signs and you’ll find yourself back in the car park. You could also join the walk here, although the first section is the best bit, in my opinion. If you join the walk here, be sure to ascend to the upper part of Orturano to find the path described in detailed directions we have put together.

From upper Orturano the walk takes you down a pretty path, past vegetable gardens and olive groves with views of the Appenines behind Bagnone. The route includes a stretch of quiet road before you find yourself on a path that descends down into Bagnone with its spectacular gorge. After Bagnone, you walk through the quiet neighbourhood of Nezzana and up through the woods up to the cemetery with its little church, and back down to Malgrate.

We’ve put together detailed directions on a single, foldable A4 sheet. Click here to download them.

You can find another walk that takes in Malgrate and Bagnone, as well as Filetto, over at a Path to Lunch.

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