‘Love Lunigiana’, a Flipboard magazine on Lunigiana

Have you seen our Love Lunigiana magazine created on Flipboard?  It is mainly photos, with links, collected from around the web. Featured items may be from Facebook, twitter, instagram, blogs, or websites.  I try to select only the best of the online world, and I do think it is a great way to share information, particularly photos. And a great way to showcase Lunigiana.

Love Lunigiana on Flipboard

Flipboard started out as an iPad app, but is now also available on iPhones and Android devices, as well as from the web. The app can be downloaded from the usual sources. To use the magazine on the web, click here and then use the arrow keys or the space bar (shift + space bar to go back).  Mac users can also use a two  finger up and down swipe on their touchpad. In Flipboard, click on any of the photos or articles to view the original source.

Love Lunigiana on Flipboard

If you are already a Flipboard enthusiast, why not subscribe to Love Lunigiana. You can also access it through the menu bar on Ciao Lunigiana.

Love Lunigiana on Flipboard

Love Lunigiana on flipboard

  ‘Love Lunigiana’, a Flipboard magazine on Lunigiana appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 22 October 2013.

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