Letter from Urbino – a Roma Tearne film

Piero della FrancescaA Letter form Urbino, a beautiful and moving short film, was made in Tuscany, including Cargalla, and Le Marche by Roma Tearne, the Sri Lankan born author, writer and film maker. It echoes the story of all those who, in this century, are displaced and disenfranchised.

For the rifugiati, the refugees from North Africa, who are struggling to make a new life in Lunigiana, this post is for you, although you will probably never see it.

Letter From Urbino is about a Sri Lankan refugee working as an attendant at the National Gallery in London. Each day he gazes at the paintings there and watches the faces of the people who come and go through the rooms. Then one day he has the chance to visit Italy and view the frescos of Piero della Francesca.

The film is just under 20 minutes long, and  is based on an idea taken from Roma Tearne’s latest novel The Road To Urbino.

Trascrizione italiana del film

The film can also be viewed here > Letter from Urbino: a Roma Tearne film

Roma Tearne’s blog

Letter from Urbino – a Roma Tearne film appeared on Ciao Lunigina on 23 July 2012.

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