The Giro d’Italia 2015 in Lunigiana

The Giro di Italia is Italy’s top road bike competition.  It has taken place every year since 1909 except when it was suspended during the two world wars. The Giro di Italia is one of the prestigious three-week cycling events that, alongside the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana, makes up the Grand Tour. It normally takes place in May and June. Once again, the race will pass through Lunigiana in 2015.

Giro d'Italia 2015 in Lunigiana

On Wednesday, 13 May 2015, Stage 5 of the race will travel from La Spezia to Abertone passing through Lunigiana on the SS62 at Caprigliolo and Aulla, after which it heads up the SS63 through Pallerone, past Serricciolo to Rometta, past Soliera, then down the SS445 through Gassano and Codiponte to Casola and up to the Foce Carpinelli. The race continues down the SS445 to the Garfagnana and on to Abertone, a total distance of 152 km.

If you’re trying to decide where to watch the race as it goes by, consider a town if you like a more festive atmosphere. Expect a lively crowd in Aulla. If you prefer a good view of the riders, choose the mountainous section around Casola and up to the Foce Carpinelli, as the riders are going more slowly and you can see them better.

Giro d'Italia 2015 Lunigiana

Stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia starts in La Spezia at 13:05, and the first cyclists are expected to pass through Sarzana at approximately 13:21, Caprigliolo at approximately 13:34, Aulla at approximately 13:43, Rometta at approximately 13:54 and Casola at approximtely 14:12 *. The official vehicles and sponsor vehicles will precede the cyclists, possibly even handing out freebies, so get there early if you want to enjoy the atmosphere.

Giro d'Italia 2015 Lunigiana

For more on the Giro d’Italia and the overall route, visit the Giro d’Italia website.

* Please check the Giro d’Italia website for the latest official times for when the race will pass through Lunigiana.

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