Farfalle in Cammino’s 2013 Summer Programme

UPDATE: Farfalle in Cammino have added more tours with an English-speaking guide.  Their quick guide calendar indicates which they are. Farfalle in Cammino 2013 Summer Calendar

Farfalle in Cammino, the non-profit responsible tourism organisation has announced a comprehensive programme of guided tours for summer 2013, including excursions with an English-speaking guide. There is something for everyone – art and history in Pontremoli, river canyons at the Stretti di Giaredo, glorious scenery along the Via Francigena and in the Apuan Alps, and a chance to experience the fabulous electric Parco Bikes.

Farfalle in Cammino summer tours in Lunigiana

You can download full details of all Farfalle in Cammino’s tours here in both English or Italian:

Farfalle in Cammino Summer 2013 Tours Escursioni Estate 2013 Farfalle in Cammino

.You’ll also find the tours listed in Ciao Lunigiana’s calendar.

As an official Friend of Farfalle in Cammino, Ciao Lunigiana has several discount vouchers to give away if you would like to book a tour. If you leave a comment below, I will send you a pair of vouchers that offer €5 each off the official price.

If you are involved in the tourism or hospitality industry in Lunigiana, please consider becoming an official Friend of Farfalle In Cammino. You can find full details here Become a Friend of Farfalle in Cammino

Farfalle in Cammino’s 2013 Summer Programme appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 1 July 2013.


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