An Everyday Aussie Hero, Glenn Turner, walking the Via Francigena in aid of medical research

Over the next couple of days, Glenn Turner will be passing through Lunigiana on his journey from Canterbury to Rome on the Via Francigena.  Glenn’s journey, The 3D Healing Walk, is in aid of medical research into Diabetes, Depression and Dementia.  Many of us have friends or family with one of these conditions. In our family we have all three. Glenn is aiming to raise AUD $250,000 to fund research into these conditions, which are so rampant in Western society.

Glenn Turner in Lunigiana

Weather permitting, Glenn will arrive in Tuscany on Saturday, 14 June 2014, having spent the last seven weeks walking the Via Francigena from Canterbury, through England, France, Switzerland and Italy.  An epic journey; Glenn has already walked well over 2,000 kilometres. He is paying his own expenses, this is not a sight-seeing trip for him. If you see Glenn on his journey through Lunigiana or the rest of of his walk to Rome, please offer him whatever support you can; a cheer along the roadside, a meal, a bed for the night, and most importantly, a donation. All will be most welcome.

You can follow Glenn’s progress, which is laced with those unique, often amusing insights that could only come from an Australian abroad, on his website and his Facebook page.  Please support him by making a donation no matter how small.

An Everyday Aussie Hero, Glenn Turner, walking the Via Francigena in aid of  medical research  appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 13 June 2014.





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