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Fosdinovo castleLunigiana is often described as the region with the most castles in Italy, or the land of over 100 castles. Sadly, most of the castles are either in ruins or are closed to the public as they are privately owned. But there are still many fine examples to visit, even if you can’t go inside or despite the fact they are only atmospheric ruined sites.

If you’re interested in visiting the castles, the following sites should provide you with information on opening hours as well as historical background information.

Official information on castles in Lunigiana

Other sites

Specific locations

Which castles to visit?

According to Terre di Lunigiana, the best ones to visit are:

  • Fortezza della Brunella
  • Castello del Piagnaro
  • Castello di Terrarossa
  • Castello di Malgrate
  • Castello di Fosdinovo
  • Castello di Castiglione del Terziere
  • Castello dell’ Aquila di Gragnola

Privately-owned castles that cannot be visited

The following castles are generally not open to the public:

  • Castello di Monti (comune di Licciana Nardi)
  • Castello di Castevoli (comune di Mulazzo)
  • Castello di Podenzana
  • Castello di Villa di Tresana
  • Castello di Bagnone
  • Castello di Licciana Nardi
  • Castello di Gavedo (comune di Mulazzo)

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