English blogs from Lunigiana

Julia Binfield LunigianaThere is a large expat community in Lunigiana, mainly European and a lot of Brits. There are also a few Americans and a couple of Australians. Not, many of them blog, and often when they do they run out of steam after a while. Here are the blogs that tend to be updated regularly.

  • Forrest lives in Genova and has a beautiful second home in Codiponte. You can read all about the renovation project for the house, as well as current projects on his blog, Italian House.
  • James is a travel writer targeting the US market and spends half the year in Lunigiana, the other half in California. His writing covers all of Italy . Because he is based in a small village between Aulla and Fivizzano, his blog, Wandering Italy, contains a good deal of information on the area, particularly on local food.
  • Kate and her family moved to Lunigiana in 2014 and are renovating an old house in the Fivizzano area.  Kate’s grandmother was Italian and although she only visited Italy for the first time as a teenager, she has always known that she would settle here. You can read about her renovation project and view her themed photos at Figs, Pigs and a Walnut Tree.
  • Martha & Mike are retired photo professionals who have a base in Ameglia Capoluogo. They’ve explored the region for over 20 years and their blog, A Path to Lunch, describes interesting walks together with lunch suggestions.

Interesting blogs from nearby Tuscany, Liguria & Emilia Romagna.

  • The folk that write Art is Life are based in Pietrasanta. If you are interested in art and want to know what is happening in the art scene in Pietrasanta, this is the blog to follow. It has stunning photos and includes other articles of interest too.
  • Celia has lived in Lucca for a decade. A musician, bookbinder and conservator, Celia is active in the tourist industry in Lucca. Her blog, Un Prosecchino, is brimming over with information on the area.
  • Kate, a certified Italian sommelier and Italian tour coordinator, lives in Fontona, a village between Monterosso and Levanto. Before that, Kate lived in Monterosso itself , so she is pretty much qualified to comment on most things Cinque Terre. If you’re looking for the insider’s view on the area, her blog, Little Paradiso, is a good place to start.
  • Megan lives in Lerici, which is such a popular coastal destination for folk visiting or living in Lunigiana. Megan’s blog, Bella Vita in Liguria, is my top resource if I’m looking for a recommendation for a restaurant anywhere in or around the Gulf of Poets or for ideas on new places to visit in the area. And if you’re looking for help with excursions or villa rentals in the area, Megan is definitely your ‘go to’ person.
  • Serena is a native of Viareggio and knows the Versilia region like the back of her hand. Her blog, Wish Versiliais full of news and information, and is an excellent place to start discovering the area.

Italian blogs from Lunigiana

Some of these blogs are not updated very often, but I have included them because they have excellent content.

  • Associazione Operatori Turistici Lunigiana: The official blog of the Lunigiana Tour Operators. Lots of useful official information.
  • La Bottega Arcobaleno: The blog of the fair trade shop of the same name in Pontremoli. Excellent information on local diversity and sustainability issues.
  • Le Cinque Erbe: A beautifully illustrated food blog covering La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Val di Vara,Val di Magra, and Lunigiana. The best source for local recipes.
  • Lunigiana Insolita: About some of the less well known places in Lunigiana, particularly out in the countryside.
  • Lunigiana e Riviera: The blog covers items on the villages of Lunigiana and the Levante Riviera, as well as local dishes and places to stay.
  • Terre di Lunigiana: The blog of the website of the same name that offers comprehensive information on Lunigiana.
Last updated 13 January 2015
Poster courtesy of Julia Binfield, who incidentally also has a great blog, but not about Lunigiana or nearby.