English library & book exchange in Fivizzano

Thanks to the efforts of expat, Marilyn Cole, English speakers can now swap and borrow English-language books at Caffe Elvetica in Fivizzano.

Caffe Elvetico FivizzanoIvana, who runs the bar, which is located in the Piazza Medicea, has very kindly donated space for the library, which you can find in the small room to the left of the entrance. Marilyn has written up some guidelines, which you will find on the two-sided bookcase. The idea of the library is that you can either donate or swap books. There is no charge.

Maintaining the bookcase is down to those who use it. Neither Ivana nor the bar staff are involved in running it, so please don’t try and get them involved.

Ivana is happy to donate the space in the hope that it will bring in some business, so please do her the courtesy of having a coffee or a drink.  There is also a small restaurant at the back of the bar that does simple but excellent food.

Caffe Elvetico FivizzanoNext time you’re in Fivizzano, do stop by and drop off your unwanted books and have a browse.

The bar is closed on Sundays, unless it happens to be a festa.

You can find Caffe Elvetica on Facebook

Caffe Elvetico
Piazza Medicea, 14
54013 Fivizzano
Tel: 0585 926657
English library and book exchange in Fivizzano appeared on Ciao Lunigiana on 5 June 2011. All rights reserved.



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